Mission Statement

Bring together unique and emerging legal cannabis brands and core cannabis capabilities that resonate with evolving consumer lifestyles.

Build a powerful growth engine through investing in and partnering with leading cannabis visionaries, leveraging manufacturing and distribution scale and focusing on profitability and value.

ICL holds an exclusive, long-term, worldwide license to use Julian Marley’s name and image for cannabis, cannabis edibles, other derivatives, and branded merchandise relating to cannabis, including Julian’s flagship brand JuJu Royal Ultra Premium Cannabis. The Company believes as the market becomes saturated with products varying in potency and quality, that the branded products will rise to the top and the Company intends to exploit all opportunities available to realize the full value of the Julian Marley brand and to attract other brands.

Corporate Strategy

Our day-to-day execution is disciplined by ICL’s core six point strategy:

Aggregate one of the strongest portfolios of emerging cannabis brands and complementary manufacturing capabilities in North America and Europe

Listen to our customers, partners and investors. Create a culture that celebrates and supports business owners and the staff who join us

Obsessively provide innovative, superior products and leading quality

Fuel, support and drive profitable growth of our core business portfolio

Leverage and exploit key capabilities (“pinch points”) to support growth and margins

Provide superior economic returns and become a leader in financial reporting, compliance, conduct and investor relations