International Cannabrands generates revenue from licensing fees, royalties and agreements with companies who ultimately distribute and sell products in the Cannabis Industry, as well from the direct sale of merchandise such as clothing, paraphernalia, posters, and other products. Through its Nevada subsidiary, International Cannabrands Ltd. (ICL), the company licenses growers, edible manufacturers, oil extractors, producers of ancillary products and apparel in the United States where cannabis has been legalized at the state level, as well as products containing CBD in the US and internationally.

ICL holds an exclusive, long-term, worldwide license to use Julian Marley’s name and image for cannabis, cannabis edibles, other derivatives, and branded merchandise relating to cannabis, including Julian’s flagship brand JuJu Royal Ultra Premium Cannabis. The Company believes as the market becomes saturated with products varying in potency and quality, that the branded products will rise to the top and the Company intends to exploit all opportunities available to realize the full value of the Julian Marley brand and to attract other brands.


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Trading Symbol and Stock Price: JUJU.A


Jeffrey Britz
Chairman and CEO
(201) 394.7882

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